A Statement

Greetings to all and welcome to my results of a semester of study on concepts of film adaptation!  During the course of the seminar we as students were made to question the basis of modern film adaptation theories through critical viewing of several provided films, and at the same time develop our own understanding of their potential applications to a film of our choosing.  What began as a slate for recording assignments, it quickly became clear that this blog would map out the considerations that would lead me to my final project.

That is precisely what this site contains, a collection of considerations that not only lead me to my thesis and shaped my understanding of Howl’s Moving Castle as an adaptation, but make up an integral part of the project as a whole. The blog posts below this artist’s statement and the links lining the top of the page each had hand in the resulting final paper, The Lotus of Worlds, and I hope they may provide an angle that may not have been initially apparent in your understanding of the film, and the novel, Howl’s Moving Castle.

My initial reason for choosing this seminar came quite simply from the student before me in line for pre-registration, as I hadn’t heard of it and suddenly I had.  It, being the last seminar I heard of, was the first on my list of desired classes.  I liked it and had no reason; This was the same reasoning I had in choosing Howl’s Moving Castle, the first adaptation that came to mind and stuck.  As a result of these simple and baseless decisions, though, I have been able to unify much of what confused me about modern and post theories of literary analysis, if not analysis of all narrative media.  By attributing the complications that were locked within the “bad boy” adaptation theory to other works of art, it became quite clear that nothing at all was original and that that fact is a wonderful thing. It’s a difficult concept to lock down in a single statement, however, and I can only hope that the paper I’ve produced does a better job supporting.

-Matthew Power

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