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Only time will tell what falls in here.

Strolling through a dream




And then:


Some peculiar frames in this film; these two resonated.  Why change the zoom distance from one long shot to another, these two scenes playing back to back?  The sky is made green and gross, while she is made smaller.  Her colors are no longer distinguishable from the rest of all the grey blob that is not sky.  Was a weird one.


All captures from Catherine Breillat’s 2010 “the Sleeping Beauty”


Skumps all around


Just a friendly reminder…


Skump responsibly.

Even in this umpteenth layer of adaptation — A German Grimm which becomes a French ‘fairy tale’ as it would come to be known, retold to become an animated film, retold before in however many ways I may have missed — fidelity is taken in present mythological bits, old even in the tale’s inception.  I do not recall a Sword of Truth or Shield of Virtue in Perault’s mother goose, but I have read of magically enchanted gear imbued with similar names.  The only dragon present in Perault’s tale pulls a chariot, where the witch of Geronimi’s Disney Classic manages to shape shift into that same symbol.  Perault attributes a similar femme-evil form to an Ogress, an image as old as Grendel’s mother. Perhaps Malificent, being the only green-skinned ‘fairy’, may too be of ogre descent?  There are other homages in the film to support such fringe ideas, the name Briar-Rose a more clear-cut connection to the Grimm tale.  Is it just something an artist will do, without significant reason, in their work?  I do not think so, which leads me to ask another; What mechanics are these myth swaps invoking?

All captures from Clyde Geronimi’s 1959 “Sleeping Beauty”