I- Title screen and Introduction -0.00.00

II- Meet Howl, get cursed because of it – 0.05.00

1- Sophie meets a blonde man in an alleyway when he rescues her from soldiers making advances. Turns out to be the wizard Howl she has heard stories/warnings of.

2- Howl helps her escape pursuit from magical blob-man creatures by making her walk on air with magic.

3- Witch of the Waste appears to Sophie later, having seen her with Howl earlier in the day (and sending the creatures after her).

a- Curse placed, witch says Sophie will be unable to reveal its presence.

4- Views her new elderly form in the mirror, decides to get out and break the curse.

3- Sophie prepares and leaves, narrowly avoiding her mother seeing her, apologizing under her breath.

III- The journey begins – 0.14.30

1- Sophie hitches ride on a hay bale transport.

a-“Nothing but witches and wizards out there” + “says she is looking for her sister” (homage)

2- Meets Turnip head, freeing him from bush. Believes him at first to be a cane. Explains she does not favor turnips.

a- Without requesting, provides her with a cane.

b- Requests he find a place for her to sleep (so he will go away).

c- Requests he fetch her cloak after dropping it, now riding the Moving Castle he hailed for her.

IV- Inside the castle – 0.19.40

1- Running from Turnip head, uses rear entrance of the Moving Castle. Sits at the fire stating “This isn’t what I pictured.”

a-“The fire spoke!” – continuing narrative to herself in this older form.

2- Calcifer, the “extremely powerful fire demon” – offers to break her curse after she breaks his.

a-“Demons don’t keep promises…” he warns, she accepts as she drifts off to sleep in front of the fire.

3- Quick cuts to each of the towns of Howl’s magical door as Sophie wakes up to see the ensuing commotion.

a- Wizard Jenkin’s town, one of Howls fake names, military parade/party happening. Knock from a group of men and Markell, Howl’s young boy apprentice,  answers after disguising.

b- Porthaven, lower class looking town. Girl knocks on door to retrieve spell.

-“Avoid telling lies to our customers,” says Markell, sophie pointing out he is doing just the same. Excuses himself, as it is practice at his magic.

c- Kingsbury, Great Wizard Pendragon’s home town. Royal city. Another courier requesting Pendragon/Howl present himself to the ruler, Suliman.

4- Tries to cook on Calcifer, manages after some protest (may all your bacon burn!) Howl returns from the “black” door.

a- Howl pushes her over, sits her at table as one of the group. Explains Calcifer hired her. “What’s in your pocket Sophie?”

5- Scorch marks, a curse (words) -“You who swallowed a falling star, oh heartless man, your heart shall belong to me”

a- Tries to remove curse, only removes mark. Tells Calcifer to make the castle flee.

b- Sophie cannot reveal the witch of the waste cursed her to Markell or Howl.

6- Cleaning scene

a- Allows calcifer to burn out, Howl forced to breathe life back into him. Advises Sophie against allowing this to happen.

b- Forces her way into Howl’s private wash room for cleaning, having her way with it.

-Finds a good view, mood improvement appears to alleviate her cursed appearance temporarily.  Discovers Turnip head on castle, brings it to a halt to finish cleaning.

V- War and Magic – 0.40.00

1- Howl in bird form enters the Moving Castle from the “black” door when everyone else is asleep.

a- Calcifer warns him that shapeshifting so frequently is dangerous, that the alternate form will overtake him.

b- Approaches Sophie while she is asleep, and as a result looks her true age. Now aware of the nature of the curse on her.

2- Dyes hair in bath come morning, Sophie and Markell shop in Wizard Jenkin’s home town.

a- Sophie sees a war damaged ship come in to port, requests they return home early.

3- Planes lightly bomb port as Sophie and Markell return home, as they enter Howl explodes on Sophie about his newly miscolored hair.

4-In getting upset over his hair, Howl allows his magic to warp their surroundings as his mood descends. Becomes an unresponsive jelly, greatly upsetting Sophie.

a- Even in recovering, the scenery surrounding Howl still appears to have some magical properties, particularly his room/bed.

5-Plots Sophie going in his place as the mother of Wizard Pendragon to Madam Suliman’s castle in Kingsbury.

VI- To Suliman’s and back – 0.55.39

1- Sophie leads a dog, who she believes to be Howl following her in disguise, up the stairs of Suliman’s castle ahead of the Witch of the Waste, also called in for duty.

a- Won’t break spell for assistance up stairs. Witch becomes more large, gross and old with each step. Sophie cheers her along.

2- Witch of the Waste sits down in a chair once in the castle, where Sophie continues to walk along.

a- Made to see the process by which the powers of the Witch of the Waste are removed by Suliman.

3- Sophie meets Suliman, Head Sorceress.

a- Reveals the dog following Sophie as Heen, her assistant.

b- Explains she was the last teacher of Howl, warns “Mrs. Pendragon” of the nature of the relationship between Howl and Calcifer; in giving his heart to Calcifer, Howl obtained great magical power.

c- Reveals the Witch of the Waste as reverted to her true age, powers removed.

4- “That is enough!” Sophie exclaims, declaring the truth behind Sulimans facade.

a- At the same time flashes to her true age, revealing her curse to Suliman who remarks “Now I know his weakness.”

5- Howl arrives disguised as the king; actual king walks in and nonchalantly calls out what he thinks is a well made double.

6- Magic battle ensues with Howl now revealed. Suliman shows Sophie the falling star landscape where Howl caught and made a deal with Calcifer.

7- Fly away! Howl steals an airship, leading enemies away and sending Sophie back to the castle. “You saved me Sophie, I was in big trouble back there”

(see also some contrast for further investigation of flight)

8- Cut to forces breaking in to all of Howl’s wizard storefronts, which are now empty with the castle having moved. Sophie crash lands in the face of the Moving Castle, guided by a ring given to her by Howl.

VII- Smoothing things over – 1.10.40

1- Ambiguous dream sequence (as she is her normal age) Sophie follows the footsteps of Howl upstairs after he returns from the escape effort.

a- Howl in some massive bird form ball, breathing slowly, lying deep within a cave of magical trinkets..

2- Sophie wakes again the same spot as before, this time elderly, and Calcifer attests that Howl just came in.

3- Remove aircraft remains

a- Turnip head arrives to assist, as he has consistently while the castle wanders.

b- Does not budge until Sophie says “I said move”, where it then shifts and powers back on after a kick.

4- Lunch

a- Sophie feeds the Witch of the waste who is focused intently on Calcifer.

b- Howl comes downstairs mid meal, identifies the Witch and Heen and laughs it off.  Also identifies Turnip head as cursed. “spell is too strong for this move…”

5- Inscription and magic, Howl and Calcifer bind the castle with Sophie’s hat shop and a number of other doors.

a-  Yellow portal now Sophie’s home and new house in hometown.

b- Red portal is now a “present” from Howl to Sophie (as if the last door wasn’t enough), a seemingly endless field of flowers he has grown himself.

– Sophie says “It’s like a dream” and is transformed into a hybrid of her younger self and older self.

6- While in the red portal, Sophie becomes scared Howl is preparing to leave as evidenced by his ,  and he admits to it mostly.

7- Ship flies overhead (1.23.43) and Howl tampers with it, guaranteeing Sophie it will not crash in this place he has just provide for her.

a- Howl flies away, tossing Sophie back into the portal.

8- Back in the Moving Castle, Sophie says goodnight to everyone.

a- Markell beginning to linger, Heen follows him like a pet

 b- While tucking in the Witch of the Waste, the two reveal they are in love, the witch reveals she has in fact been in love and is currently (with the hearts of men)

9- Air raid, cut to howl flying amongst the bombers.

10- Sophie’s mother returns home, rejoices at seeing her again, explains she has married again and that Sophie doesn’t need to keep being a cleaning lady.

a- Leaves her bag which contains a spell/bug from Suliman, as well as a cigar which the Witch takes for herself. Mother revealed as agent for Suliman in carriage.

11- “We’re a family now” – Sophie promises to stick around, despite the mother reappearing.

IIX- Save us from the bombs – 1.30.50

1- Calcifer goes out, cannot reignite him with a pump.

2- Bombs begin to fall on the hometown of Sophie and her shop.  In the drama, Sophie reverts to her young age hybrid.

3- Suliman’s forces breach the storefront.  Bombs fall on the house.

a- Howl arrives just in time to keep the dropped bomb from exploding in the courtyard.

4- Howl arrives to protect his house, resurrects Calcifer.

a- Reveals the bug that the Witch fed to Calcifer for disposal smothered him. The cigar also has some magical property and sparks out on his hand.

5- Calcifer still too weak to protect house from bombs, Howl remains in his bird form even longer to protect the house from mortal damage.

6- Sophie takes portal to outskirts of village, where the Moving Castle is actually planted, and views Howl fighting wizards around a bomber.

7- Sophie seeks to move portals to draw attention from the hat shop region.

a- decides to try moving Calcifer despite his warning against it.

8- Castle implodes upon itself when Calcifer is carried out on an ash spade.  It is raining outside.

a- requests the ever present turnip head find a way in.

9- Sophie enters the dripping basement in an attempt to refuel Calcifer and rebuild the Castle, this way she can move it toward Howl? Plans changing rapidly.

10- After some encouraging words from Sophie, and her ponytail as payment, Calcifer is invigorated and breathes life back into the Castle.

a- Layers are falling off of the castle, it is reduced to a quadrupedal head of marching metal with everyone inside.

IX- The heart of Howl – 1.41.00 – Build, anticipation toward Witch of the waste getting the heart culminates.

1- Just coming into range of the town, very close to Sophie’s target location (Howl), the Witch of the waste discovers Howl’s heart in the base of Calcifers flame, grabbing it.  Sophie tosses water on the immolated Witch of the Waste, telling her to let go of the heart.

a- Moving Castle destabilized, Calcifer doused.

2- Sophie falls into the abyss, the Witch of the Waste cries over her ruining the heart.

3- Survives, as does Heen, who follow the ring Howl provided to Sophie, leading them to a dark portal.

4- Heen follows after Sophie who charges into the portal. They are brought back in time, to when Howl is a child and stars or fire demons are falling from the sky.

a- Sophie sees Howl, ring around her finger is tightening.  She runs after him.

5- Sophie witnesses the contract between young Howl and Calcifer. Howl consumes the demon, and his heart falls out aflame.

a- The ring on Sophie’s finger breaks an the flashback is broken. She shouts out to young Howl her name, and says to find her in the future.  It is unclear whether this is a vision or truly a trip to the past.

6- Surrounded by darkness, Sophie follows Heen to safety while she cries and her tears float away. They arrive in the crevasse where they fell and Howl is waiting outside.

a- An entranced bird-form Howl flies Sophie and Heen to where part of the Moving Castle treads on as a biped.

7- Everyone lands on the moving platform.  Howl shifts back into his human state and is unconscious.


X- The fairy tale ending – 1.50.00

1- Sophie seeks to resurrect Howl, requires his heart from the still grasping Witch of the waste to do so. She hands it over, and Sophie says she has a big heart.

2- She asks Calcifer, currently engulfing the heart,  if this is safe.  He reassures her that she should be capable of placing Howl’s heart back inside while keeping himself safe at the same time.

a- before placing it, she speaks to the heart, “Please, help Calcifer live, and please help Howl take back his heart.”

3- Places heart inside Howl who awakens, and Calcifer is returned to his original spark form. He flies off.

4- As a result of Calcifer’s leaving. the bipedal castle fails and the platform slides down the mountain they were wandering along.

a- Turnip head jumps in front of the sliding wooden platform, sacrificing the length of his scarecrow pole in order to slow the fall.

5- After landing safely, Sophie thanks Turnip head with a kiss, breaking his curse.

a- He is the prince that has been missing from the neighboring country, “Somehow I got that blasted spell put on me.”  This is the whole reason for the conflict, and Suliman notes this as it’s end (seeing through the eyes of Heen).

b- The curse is broken by the kiss of his true love Sophie (confirmed by the Witch of the Waste), who is unfortunately for him in love with someone else.

6- Final soundtrack rolls, the Witch of the Waste details the curse that was on this Prince.  Howl awakens. “A heart is a heavy burden…”

7- “One thing you can always count on is that hearts change, so as soon as this war is over I shall return.”  – the prince in regard to Sophie

8- Calcifer comes back.  Reconstructed Moving Castle, now flying.

C. closing credits
Thanks to Disney for all of the clips and captures!

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